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Since Guardians of Our Children was established as a Charitable Trust in 2018, we've helped to transform the lives of around 500 families – positively impacting the life trajectory of thousands of vulnerable children.

We have partnered with ImpactLab - co-founded by Sir Bill English - to calculate our social value and give us independent research about our impact on society.


They calculated our Social Return on Investment to be 520% - meaning that for every $1 that is invested in Guardians of Our Children, we deliver $5.20 of measurable social good to New Zealand. This is in the form of reduced family violence, addiction, debt, offending and reduced child placement, plus improved mental health and an increase in children's Academic Achievement (NCEA Level 3).

You can see an overview of the research in the graphs below or download a PDF of the full ImpactLab report. 

At the end of this page, you will also see our purpose, mission and vision statements.

"These workshops are just incredible"

Family Court Barrister

Empower the Co-Parenting Movement

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